A Call to Arm(orer)s

Yesterday I had a breakthrough in my attempts to model the new 2* recipes when I came across a post by EvilParadox on the the FFXIV forums with a link to a video showing a 2* master recipe being crafted.

I realize tracking step by step details and outcomes while crafting is quite tedious. So why not make a video of yourself crafting showing your crafter stats and the chat log with the results of the actions — and I’ll do all the boring tracking.

I still require a video of one of the new 3* recipes being crafted, and one of the old 1* and 2* recipes being crafted with the new Ingenuity I/II actions. I should be able to cover tracking the changes to Ingenuity for characters below level 50.

The more data the merrier so even if you see someone has already posted one of the above videos, don’t hesitate to post your own.


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  1. I’m a max-stats master of hand. I hate hate HATE all the crafting simulators currently out on the web (because they’re always wrong). In my attempt in becoming part of the solution, feel free to ask me for any data you may need.

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