Patch 4.0 Stormblood updates on Beta site

Thanks to the superlative efforts of Ermad, crossedxd and danj2k, the beta site has been updated to support Patch 4.0, Stormblood!

This includes new actions and recipes, updated progress and quality formulas for all level ranges, and support for specialists and specialist actions.

Also included are the two new EU servers, Omega and Louisoix, in the XIVDB import, as well as Chinese language support for recipes and macros (thanks to kurax!).

Please try it out and if there are any problems let us know in the comments below or in GitHub issues.

Live site updated

I’ve just updated the live site with the latest changes from the beta site. Since the last live site update, these changes include:

  • A new settings import/export feature that lets you download all your settings from the site, including crafter setup, saved synths, options, etc. You can then use that downloaded ZIP file to import your settings on another computer, or to transfer settings between the live and beta sites.
  • Improvements to site load times: using CDNs to load third-party libraries, and the new XIVDB tooltip API.
  • Fixes for Byregot’s Miracle and related actions.

You may have to force a hard reload of the site (Ctrl+Shift Reload) to bypass the cache if you’ve used it recently.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below or file issues on GitHub.

Bugfixes deployed to beta site

Bugfixes for how some actions are modeled have been deployed to the beta site.

Byregot’s Miracle is now treated as unusable when the Inner Quiet stack is at 1 and thus should have no effect. Similar fixes have also been made for Byregot’s Brow, Precise Touch and Trained Hand.

Byregot’s Miracle also now halves the Inner Quiet stack correctly.

EDIT: I’ve also just deployed a fix for the XIVDB tooltips on actions.

Minor beta site updates

I’ve deployed some minor updates to the beta site, but they may require a hard reload, possibly even clearing of the browser cache.

  • Added a link to XIVDB in the character import popup.
  • Added a confirmation popup before importing application settings.
  • Use CDN links to load various third party libraries instead of hosting them ourselves.

Exporting and importing settings

A new feature has been added on the beta site: importing and exporting settings! To use this feature, go to the “More…” menu in the top bar and choose “Import/Export Settings…”.

This opens a popup where you can click the big Download button to download a ZIP file containing all of your settings, and a drop-zone for importing a ZIP file you’ve previously downloaded. You can transfer the ZIP file to another computer, open the same popup in a browser and drag it into the Import drop zone to import your settings.

You can also use transfer settings to a different browser on the same computer. Once the feature has been deployed to the main site, you’ll also be able to transfer settings between the beta site and main site.

Main site updated

We’re pleased to announce that the main site has been updated to the latest version! You should now be able to use all the features that we’ve added to the beta site over the last year and a half.

IMPORTANT: You may have to force a hard reload in your browser (hold down Ctrl and Shift while clicking the Reload button in Chrome) or clear the cache to get the latest version.

The beta site will continue to receive updates with experimental changes to vet them before they are published to the main site, but as always we will try to ensure that it’s not obviously broken. 🙂

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to transfer your saved settings from the beta site to the main site, yet.

Latest beta updates

We’re back with a few more updates for the beta site!

  • Recipes have been updated with the latest data scraped from the Lodestone for FFXIV patch 3.5.
  • Searching for recipes ignores case and accents so that typing “poele a frire” will find “Poêle à frire” in the French recipe names. (#105)
  • Ingenuity and Ingenuity II scaling has been updated for level 60 2-4 star recipes, although Careful Synthesis II is still not accurate enough when used with Ing/Ing2.
  • Character importing has been switched from XIVSync to XIVDB since the XIVSync API has been decommissioned. Please see this blog post on XIVDB about the recent gearset reset and this blog post for more information about the gearset feature. Only characters with gearset information for one or more crafting classes can be imported.
  • Other UI improvements have been made to the character import dialog: sorting results by name and keeping the search field always visible when scrolling the results.
  • The XIVDB tooltips for actions are loaded faster during application startup.
  • A loading indicator is displayed during application startup and when switching languages to indicate when the application is ready to use.
  • When generating the macro text, if the last macro would contain only a single action it is instead added to the previous macro and the macro completion announcement in the previous macro is omitted.

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of code refactoring to make the code follow the latest AngularJS style guidelines and a few libraries have been updated.

IMPORTANT: You must force your browser to hard reload the website to get all the changes. In Chrome this can be down by holding Ctrl and Shift when clicking the refresh button. In other browsers, you may have to clear your cache first.

Please let us know in the comments below or by filing a bug on GitHub if you notice any problems. However, please note that improvements to the accuracy of the simulator will be difficult since we no longer subscribe to FFXIV and are unable to test those types of changes.

Beta updates 7 & 8

The beta site has been updated with a few small changes:

  • Translations for Heavensward actions, including a fix from Ley21.
  • Recipes updates from the Lodestone.
  • Fixing action tooltips after changes to the website.

I am considering promoting the beta site to the main site since the main site isn’t really usable with the game as is. If you have any concerns about missing features that you consider vital, please let me know in the comments below or as issues filed on the GitHub project.