Quick Update #10

A small update today to improve the way the simulator results are reported. Quality, progress, durability and CP are now reported in the status line as if all actions had a 100% chance to succeed, but we also report the chance that the synth will complete successfully. You can still see the average result in the simulation log under theĀ Probablistic Result section.

Site Update 9

The latest update includes the following changes:

  • A fix for how Innovation affects Control.
  • Improvements in the accuracy of progress and quality gains for high level recipes.
  • Inner Quiet stacks are now capped at 10, to match in-game behavior.
  • Tooltips are now hidden on touch devices since it was not easy to dismiss them on these devices.
  • A fix for the user-specified seed option. This should really work now. Promise.

Site Update 8

Another round of updates today:

  • The Stat Bonuses button should now work again.
  • The simulator is disabled when the level difference between crafter and recipe is too great.
  • An option has been added to control whether the simulator/solver will try to model conditions (bad, good, excellent). It was previously hard-coded to always use conditions.
  • The option to set the RNG seed is now actually implemented.
  • A debug option has been added to show more detail in the simulation and solver log.
  • Adjustments have been made to how Ingenuity II is modeled for recipes under level 50.

Site Updates 6 and 7

We’ve made quite a few changes in the last two updates:

  • Updated the recipe database to include the new recipes in patch 2.2.
  • Improved the display of the simulator and solver status.
  • Improved accuracy of quality and progress gains for 3-star recipes.
  • Improved accuracy of quality and control gains in the Montecarlo simulation.
  • The solver will now stop processing actions in a sequence when CP drops below 0.
  • Improved the solver’s fitness calculation for infeasible sequences where CP and/or durability have been exceeded.
  • Improved simulation of Ingenuity I and II for changes in patch 2.2.

We would really appreciate more data for quality gains while doing 3-star recipes.

A Call to Arm(orer)s

Yesterday I had a breakthrough in my attempts to model the new 2* recipes when I came across a post by EvilParadox on the the FFXIV forums with a link to a video showing a 2* master recipe being crafted.

I realize tracking step by step details and outcomes while crafting is quite tedious. So why not make a video of yourself crafting showing your crafter stats and the chat log with the results of the actions — and I’ll do all the boring tracking.

I still require a video of one of the new 3* recipes being crafted, and one of the old 1* and 2* recipes being crafted with the new Ingenuity I/II actions. I should be able to cover tracking the changes to Ingenuity for characters below level 50.

The more data the merrier so even if you see someone has already posted one of the above videos, don’t hesitate to post your own.


Site Update 5

We’ve just updated the site with a few more changes:

  • Action icons now have xivdb.com tooltips, except in the sequence editor (technical reasons, conflicts with the drag & drop).
  • Further tweaks to how we model quality and Ingenuity for patch 2.2 recipes. Thanks to Evil Paradox of Shiva from the Final Fantasy XIV forums for posting a video showing a rotation for 2* master recipes.

Please let us know if you have any problems, in the comments below, by email, or by creating issues in GitHub.

Site update 4

A new version has been uploaded to the site with the following changes:

  • Using a synthesis action at the end of a sequence when there is 5 durability remaining is now handled correctly.
  • An option for the minimum reliability of the synth has been added. It defaults to 100%. Reliability is defined as the combined probability of success of all actions that produce progress gains. At the default of 100%, it should prevent the use of any actions which have less than 100% chance to succeed in the context in which they are used.
  • The display of the simulator status (quality, progress, etc.) has been enhanced for both the Initial Guess and the Sequence Editor.