Heavensward beta site update #3

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new update for the Heavensward beta site!

The changes include:

  • Support for Brand/Name of Element, Maker’s Mark, Muscle Memory, Byregot’s Miracle, Innovative Touch.
  • Experimental support for Heavensward actions: Whistle While You Work, Satisfaction, Nymeia’s Wheel, Trained Hand.
  • Buff bar with counters shown while editing the sequence.
  • Options for buff wait time and different sound effects in macros.
  • Updated simulation formulae.
  • Various fixes to the UI layout.
  • Inner Quiet goes to 11!

Due to the nature of Whistle While You Work, it is very difficult to show useful information about it in the conventional progress display window, since the progress is calculated assuming 100% success rate on actions and no random conditions. As an alternative, when the option Use Conditions is enabled, the Monte Carlo log will display an example simulation that increments the Whistle While You Work counter based on the conditions that arose in the simulation. If you have any suggestions for how to display the effects of Whistle While You Work, please let us know!

As before, please post in the comments below or in the Heavensward support issue if you encounter any problems or have any other comments.

Heavensward beta simulator update #2

We’re back with another major update for the beta site!

We’ve significantly rearranged the layout, splitting the simulator/editor and solver onto separate pages. A lot of effort has been put into making the site working on smaller screens such as iPads.

On the simulator page we have a brand new status display that mimics the layout of the in-game crafting window. When editing the sequence, it will also show which buffs are active so you can keep track of when Steady Hand or Ingenuity runs out. The bonus stats now include starting quality and can be edited directly without a popup. The logs for the Monte Carlo and Probabilistic simulations have been broken out into separate tabs. Macros are now available as tabs on both the simulator and solver pages.

In the recipe selector, we now show the level of the recipe as you see it in the game, with the appropriate number of stars where necessary. We’ve also updated the recipe database to the latest information available from the Lodestone. We’ve removed the ability to add user-defined recipes since we don’t believe they’re used and it simplified the backend implementation.

We’ve implemented a few of the new Heavensward actions like Precise Touch and Muscle Memory, as well as tweaking the model to better fit level 60** recipes. The model isn’t exact but should be within 1-2 points of quality and progress, and we’ve tried to ensure that it doesn’t over-estimate to avoid the possibility of failed synths.

A number of bugs have been fixed in the solver which were leading to weird results under the “right” circumstances. Additionally, when no starting sequence is provided to the solver, we now attempt to generate a basic sequence to initialize the solver.

We are still looking for data on level 60** recipes with Ingenuity I, level 60*** recipes with and without Ingenuity I and II, and the behavior of the new Heavensward actions that give progress which changes over time, e.g. Brand/Name of the Wind. We will continue to add support for more actions as we get more information.

We hope you find the new site helpful and easy to use. Please let us know in the comments below or by creating issues on our GitHub project.

Heavensward beta simulator update

Good news! We’ve updated the beta site with new simulator calculations for levels 51 to 60. We are still fine-tuning the results, so you may expect some deviation from in-game results. We’ve tried to err on the conservative side, i.e. results might be 1 or 2 points lower than in-game. However, if you notice a large discrepancy please let us know in the GitHub issue tracker.

Please note that we haven’t verified yet whether sub-level 50 results are still valid. Data to confirm this would be greatly appreciated.

Many people helped us with data and observations. We’d like to thank @rocketmantis, @Diskmaster, @RyouR, @Synlaar, @flan, @SagaZekken, @Buffylvr and @jay3686. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

We still have a few more things we’d like to do for Heavensward:

  • Implement new level 51 to 60 actions,
  • Implement specializations and specialist actions,
  • Figure out ways to make the new actions work in the solver.

Comments on the new layout may also be directed to the GitHub issue tracker.