Heavensward Beta Updates 5 & 6

Two quick updates for the beta site:

  • The name of … Name of the Wind has been corrected.
  • Fixed a crash in the eaComplex solver algorithm when it mutatesĀ a potential sequence that is shorter than 2 actions.

Thanks to drewlt and Thortok for the bug reports!

7 thoughts on “Heavensward Beta Updates 5 & 6”

  1. I’m having issues opening the Beta site on any of my browsers. The ARR one loads just fine. Any thoughts?

      1. The site won’t load. It says “Waiting for ffxiv-beta.lokyst.net…” and just sits there. I’ve tried in Chrome, Firefox & IE, and on multiple computers, but it does the same thing in all instances.

        Also of note, I can get to the simulator at ffxiv.lokyst.net just fine.

        1. I can’t reproduce this issue. Could you open the Javascript console in your browser when it’s trying to load the beta site and see if there are any errors?

          1. None that I can see. The only thing that pops up in the console is “Navigated to http://ffxiv-beta.lokyst.net/” and the next line is blank, with nothing showing up until I go to a different site. I re-installed Java to see if that would fix things, but the same thing happens. :/

          2. Strange. I haven’t experienced any problems with any of the browsers from any of the computers or locations that I’ve tried.

            Try force-reloading the site by holding down the Shift key while clicking the refresh button?

          3. There weren’t any errors in the console. It says “Navigated to ffxiv-lokyst…” and the next line in the console is blank and stays that way indefinitely.

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