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I’ve just updated the live site with the latest changes from the beta site. Since the last live site update, these changes include:

  • A new settings import/export feature that lets you download all your settings from the site, including crafter setup, saved synths, options, etc. You can then use that downloaded ZIP file to import your settings on another computer, or to transfer settings between the live and beta sites.
  • Improvements to site load times: using CDNs to load third-party libraries, and the new XIVDB tooltip API.
  • Fixes for Byregot’s Miracle and related actions.

You may have to force a hard reload of the site (Ctrl+Shift Reload) to bypass the cache if you’ve used it recently.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below or file issues on GitHub.

17 thoughts on “Live site updated”

  1. Is there any plan to include the new “Custom Deliveries” recipes from the latest patch? (Also, thank you – this tool is amazing!)

    1. I just ran our tool for scraping recipe data from the Lodestone website, and it found new recipes like “Near Eastern Antique”. Is this what you’re looking for?

      1. Yeah, the new crafting weekly with various “antiques” and “souvenirs” you get blue and red scripts based on collectability of items that uses very cheap materials so they are very popular.


    2. I’ve updated both the beta and live site with the latest recipes from the Lodestone.

  2. Tyring to disable specialist actions for non-specialist jobs. Currently my specialists are Weaver, Goldsmith and Blacksmith. I’ve unchecked all specialist actions in each of the other jobs on their attributes tabs, however the simulator still uses the specialist actions. (i.e. When trying to craft Sesame Cookies with my non-specialist Culinarian, the solver keeps making me use “innovative touch” even though I don’t have access to that ability) Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    1. * Update: I think the solver thinks specialist actions are cross-class/shareable actions; when I uncheck all of the specialist actions from all 8 jobs, it will stop placing the specialist actions in the solver but then I have to re-enable them whenever I switch to a specialist.

    2. ** Update to update: Unfortunately my workaround didn’t work, it is still trying to make me use innovative touch even with all specialist actions turned off across all 8 jobs. 🙁

      1. That’s very strange. I’m not seeing the same behavior, so I’d like to try to debug what’s going on. Could you do the following:

        1. Enable Debug in the Debugging tab of the Settings window
        2. Rerun the Solver to get a result where it’s using a specialist action that it shouldn’t
        3. Copy the Seed and Crafter Actions sections at the beginning of the Execution Log tab on the Solver page and post it as a new issue on GitHub or here in the comments.

        1. So I somehow am no longer having this issue but my friend is. I’ve tried to have him go through the various steps I had that somehow made the problem go away but he is still having the issue with specialist abilities showing up in the solver for non-specialist jobs (with all specialist abilities greyed out). I’m going to have him run the debugger and post it on GitHub

  3. Hello sorry to have to comment, but I’ve been having some issues with the character import from XIVDB. It does not seem to grab the data correctly and I can’t quite figure out why. It has completely ignored the first four classes and only has outdated information on the latter four, despite XIVDB’s data being correct. Am I doing something wrong?

      1. Oh course. I should have done that at the start. Elbereth Gilthoniel, from Adamantoise

        1. So the problem is a combination of two factors:

          1. The XIVDB character info API changed the structure of the attributes data (inconsistently! >_<) so my import code wasn't finding the crafter stats.

          2. My import code looks at your character's Gearsets data in XIVDB, since that's where the crafter stats are available. To get that updated, you have to logout of FFXIV in your crafting gear. I don't know how long it takes to update after you logout. Maybe overnight?

          I've deployed a fix for #1 to both the beta and live site.

          1. Oh, okay. That explains why it hasn’t read any of my other crafting classes – I’ve never actually had gear sets for them! I leveled them through GC turn ins. I’ll start logging out as them and hopefully that’ll add the data. 😀

      2. Have you been able to confirm my problem? I have tried it on two different browsers, so I do not believe it is on my end, but I could be wrong. ^^;

        1. Sorry, I haven’t been able to get to it yet. I’ll look into it on the weekend.

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