Site Update 5

We’ve just updated the site with a few more changes:

  • Action icons now have tooltips, except in the sequence editor (technical reasons, conflicts with the drag & drop).
  • Further tweaks to how we model quality and Ingenuity for patch 2.2 recipes. Thanks to Evil Paradox of Shiva from the Final Fantasy XIV forums for posting a video showing a rotation for 2* master recipes.

Please let us know if you have any problems, in the comments below, by email, or by creating issues in GitHub.

Site update 4

A new version has been uploaded to the site with the following changes:

  • Using a synthesis action at the end of a sequence when there is 5 durability remaining is now handled correctly.
  • An option for the minimum reliability of the synth has been added. It defaults to 100%. Reliability is defined as the combined probability of success of all actions that produce progress gains. At the default of 100%, it should prevent the use of any actions which have less than 100% chance to succeed in the context in which they are used.
  • The display of the simulator status (quality, progress, etc.) has been enhanced for both the Initial Guess and the Sequence Editor.

And so it begins … (Site Update 3)

We have pushed a bugfix for the freezing issue when running the solver on an empty sequence and made some quality of life changes to the UI. Thanks to Kenji from the FFXIV forums, we have also made a first pass at accounting for 2 and 3 star items and the patch 2.2 changes to Ingenuity and Ingenuity II.

Please send more data on quality and progress gains with Ingenuity I & II so that we can refine the formula.


Desperately Seeking 2.2 Info on Ingenuity

According to the FFXIV 2.2 patch notes, the behaviour of the Ingenuity and Ingenuity II has changed:

Before: Lowers recipe level to current level for the next five steps.
After: Slightly lowers recipe level for the next five steps.


Ingenuity II
Before: Lowers recipe level three below current level for the next five steps.
After: Lowers recipe level for the next five steps.

The model used by the simulator assumes flat values as per pre-2.2 behaviour. I suspect the latest changes merely decrease the difficulty levels by 5 and 8 respectively, but I need a max level crafter to test these theories.
Information required is as follows:
  • Crafter Level
  • Recipe Level
  • Progress increase before activating ingenuity
  • Progress increase after activating ingenuity
  • Which synthesis action was used, e.g. Basic or Standard Synthesis.

Thank you in advance!

Introducing the FFXIV Crafting Optimizer

The FFXIV Crafting Optimizer is something that dOxxx and I have been tinkering with in various forms for quite some time now and we think it’s finally ready for the big reveal.

Or maybe a tiny reveal.

Let me just slap a big ol’ BETA warning on everything.

The intent behind this was to create a simulator that worked for crafters and recipes that were below the level cap. And, of course, to play with some genetic algorithm concepts.

I have yet to reach max level on any of my crafting classes…